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About the Center

In October 2016, the Academy for Justice was initiated as a national academic alliance to address critical issues of criminal justice in the United States. The goal of the Academy for Justice was to make the relevant law and literature accessible to those who might use this information and analysis in discussing and implementing criminal justice reforms. By connecting the world of academics with real-world policy and practice, the Academy for Justice sought to help bridge the gap between scholarship on the books and the reform of criminal justice on the ground.

The dozens of participants in the initial project represented a veritable “who’s who” list of criminal justice scholarship. In October 2017, the Academy for Justice released Reforming Criminal Justice, a four-volume report authored and reviewed by leading scholars in criminal law and other disciplines, and detailing potential areas of criminal justice reform and policy recommendations to achieve such reform. Additional information about the project is provided in the report’s preface here.

In July 2018, the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law received a generous grant to help establish the Academy for Justice as a center at Arizona State University that will serve as a platform for further projects that critically examine the criminal justice system and help inform educational, cultural, and policy efforts.


Doing more time: Ex-felons face long odds, long wait to restore voting rights

TUCSON, May 7, 2019 - At a time of political transition in the country, when Republican dominance in right-leaning states like Arizona is being threatened by changing demographics, efforts in a number of states to more easily and quickly restore the voting rights of ex-felons could help tip the scales. The issue is one of several criminal justice proposals with broad bipartisan support across the country ahead of the 2020 election.  Read more>>

Criminal justice reforms will require changes in culture, experts say

PHOENIX, April 30, 2019 - More treatment, shorter sentences among recommendations at ASU panel. Crime is down in Arizona but more people are in prison, and confronting that issue will require a broad range of changes plus a lot of courage, according to a group discussion on criminal justice reform held on Tuesday by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy.  Read more>>


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